Filipinos protest again at the Israeli embassy

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Today, June 8, various groups and sectors marched and protested to the Israeli embassy in Taguig City in Metro Manila to condemn the Zionist state for its ongoing genocide against Palestinians. They commemorated the 8th month, from October 7, 2023, when Israel, supported by the US, intensified its attacks and bombing of the Gaza Strip in Palestine. Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) led the action.

As of June 7, Israel has killed 36,731 people. Among those killed were more than 100 journalists, mostly Palestinians. At least 15,500 of the victims were children.

More than 83,500 Palestinians were injured in Israeli bombings and attacks. A total of 10,000 people have been recorded as missing to date who may have been buried in the collapsed buildings.

More than half of the homes in Gaza were destroyed or damaged in the attacks. An estimated 80% of commercial facilities were destroyed and 86% of schools here were damaged. Of the 35 hospitals, only 14 are still partially functional to treat the wounded from the Israeli attack.

Those in Gaza suffer severe shortage of food and water. Up to 83% of the water wells are unusable. Israel is blocking the entry of humanitarian aid and support for victims.

As many as 1.5 million Palestinians out of Gaza’s entire 2.3 million population have fled to Rafah, the southern part of Gaza that Israel itself has declared as a “safe zone.” Despite this, Israel launched a series of attacks and bombings, destroying and burning tent camps in Rafah in the last week of May. Currently, there is no safe place in Gaza Strip.

There have been calls from all over the world for Israel to stop attacking the Palestinians. “Despite this, Israel continues its massacres, and the US continues to fund genocide. They are responsible for one of the worst disasters of this century,” Bayan said. They insisted, “enough is enough!”

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