Gabriela welcomes Women’s Month with protests

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Simultaneous protest actions were carried out by women under Gabriela on March 1 at the beginning of Women’s Month. Their call: Livelihood, Human Rights, Sovereignty, not chacha for foreigners and the few!

That day, Gabriela Youth members, together with other youth groups, went to Mendiola in Manila to express their opposition to the Marcos regime’s charter change scheme.

They denounced the plan to allow 100% foreign ownership of educational institutions, which they said would further undermine the integrity and autonomy of schools.

“We will not allow foreign corporations to take over the education system,” according to Gabriela Youth.

A similar action within the University of the Philippines-Los Baños was led by Gabriela Youth-UPLB. According to the group, the action is in solidarity with the slated Purple Day of Action.

Women workers also launched a dance-protest under Women Workers United and Kilusang Mayo Uno for wages, jobs, human rights and an end to violence at work.

Members of the Gabriela Womens’ Party (GWP) protested against the successive price increases of public utilities. They condemned the Marcos regime for prioritizing chacha instead of addressing these issues that afflict not only women but the entire people.

“The country has had long experience in relation to foreign direct investment, and its promises are sweet but they all failed. Goods, services and utilities such as electricity and water are still expensive. Local industries have gone bankrupt, if not wiped out entirely,” GWP Rep. Arlene Brosas says.

AB: Gabriela welcomes Women's Month with protests