Herma Shipyard Incorporated accountable for death of 2 workers

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The United Workers of the Freeport Area of Bataan (NMFAB) condemned the owner of Herma Shipyard Incorporated in the Freeport Area of Bataan, Mariveles, Bataan over the case of the consecutive deaths of two of its workers inside the factory last month. The group said a thorough investigation is needed because the cases “indicate that the management is violating rules that ensure safe and proper working conditions within the company.”

Workers say one of the victims died instantly from the explosion of the machine he was operating at the time. Reports a few days later indicate another worker died due to electrocution.

Calling for justice, the NFMAB demanded that the Department of Labor and Employment-Region III immediately investigate the incidents and hold Herma accountable. “Adequate compensation must also be given to the bereaved families of the two workers who died inside the factory,” according to the group.

NMFAB said they have been receiving various types of complaints from Herma workers due to unsafe working conditions. Among these are reports that workers are not provided personal protective equipment (PPE) during work. In addition, Herma workers also suffer from low wages and contractualization.

“Every single worker has the right…to be safe in factories. But the FAB capitalist’s drive to increase profits and revenues sacrifice the welfare and safety of the workers inside the factories,” according to NMFAB.

In the face of this, there is greater need for workers to unite, unionize and act together to assert their rights to wages, benefits and proper working conditions, according to NFMAB. “Let’s remember that factories should serve as safe spaces for everyone. Let’s not let the capitalists abuse and exploit us,” the group stressed.

Herma Shipyard Incorporated is one of eight companies owned by Herminio S. Esguerra that builds and repairs ships. Herma ships are also used to transport oil and other products to different parts of the country and the world.

AB: Herma Shipyard Incorporated accountable for death of 2 workers