Kadamay: Worsening poverty under the Marcos regime not illusory

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The group Kadamay recently rebuked Larry Gadon, adviser to Ferdinand Marcos on poverty issues, for his statement that poverty in the Philippines is “just an illussion.” Gadon’s reasoning is that he sees many people eating at fast food restaurants and visiting malls, so there aren’t really many people suffering in the Philippines.

“The increase in the number of our countrymen experiencing involuntary hunger is not imaginary,” Mimi Doringo, general secretary of the group, said in an interview. “On every footbridge, not only one but more than five are begging.”

“Let me remind Larry Gadon that the continuous increase in the price of goods and services is real, and not just a product of imagination,” according to Rep. Brosas. Gadon’s statement of disbelief is proof of his “incompetence” warranting his ouster from his position, said Brosas.

The real imagination is the government saying a “New Philippines” will emerge because the reality is that poverty is getting worse, she added.

According to Sonny Afica, IBON Foundation executive director, Gadon’s statement is an attempt by the Marcos administration to deodorize its rule especially as the midterm elections are approaching.

AB: Kadamay: Worsening poverty under the Marcos regime not illusory