KM-Rizal pays tribute to Ka Joma with wheat paste art

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Kabataang Makabayan (KM)-Rizal put up wheat paste art and painted slogans in several key areas in Rizal last week to pay tribute to Comrade Jose Maria Sison and commemorate his 85th birthday on February 8. Ka Joma was the founding chairman of KM when it was established on November 30, 1964.

KM-Rizal says Ka Joma deserves to be honored as the leader and beacon of the Filipino revolution. Ka Joma’s portrait was featured in the wheat paste art by the youths in populated areas in Barangay San Juan, Taytay.

The members of the chapter collaborated in preparing the portrait, as well as painting of other slogans. Members of the organization ensured the security of the areas and distributed the activity tasks.

“The reactionary forces can never supress the enthusiasm of the youth to advance the people’s democratic revolution,” said KM-Rizal.

“KM-Rizal is ready to dedicate its talent and energy to continue the fight that Ka Joma started with KM.” It said Ka Joma and his greatness as a revolutionary, teacher, writer, and patriot are a strong source of inspiration for the Rizaleño youth.

They also painted slogans on walls calling on young people to join the New People’s Army and participate in the people’s war.

AB: KM-Rizal pays tribute to Ka Joma with wheat paste art