Marcos' agents extrajudicially kill 28th farmer victim in Masbate

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Marcos’ rabid fascist dogs carried out another murder in Masbate around April 11. Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) forces killed farmer Jimmy Pautan in Sityo Tadloy, Barangay Luna, Placer town. As in many cases, the AFP falsely claimed Pautan was a Red fighter killed in an encounter.

Ka Luz del Mar, spokesperson of the New People’s Army (NPA)-Masbate, immediately refuted the AFP’s allegation that Pautan was a Red fighter. She said it was just fake news to escape the heinous crime of the extra-judicial killing of Pautan.

“In ordering an all-out war against the people, Marcos Jr is accountable for the killing of Pautan. In Masbate, Marcos Jr’s all-out war is a war against farmers,” said Ka Luz. She further explained that this is being carried out as part of the counter-insurgency campaign with the underlying aim of defeating the revolutionary movement and depriving it of peasant mass support.

“The aim of this war is to keep the Masbatenyo people in a state of fear and force them to surrender their struggle for land, livelihood, rights and life,” added the spokesperson. Amid all this, she called on the Masbate masses to overcome fear. She encouraged the relatives and neighbors of Pautan and the public in general not to hesitate to expose military abuses.

“Masbatenyos must not forget that they outnumber the enemy. They must not forget that they have a weapon stronger than any modern terrorism and equipment of the enemy, and that is their unity,” urged Ka Luz.

The revolutionary movement in Masbate also extended its condolences to the bereaved families of the victims of military violence. The revolutionary movement is aware of the aspiration of the victims’ families for justice.

AB: Marcos' agents extrajudicially kill 28th farmer victim in Masbate