MMDA harasses employees union leader

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The Confederation for Unity Recognition and Advancement of Government Employees (Courage) condemned the leadership of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) for pressuring and filing a case against the vice president of Courage and leader of the MMDA employees union, Theresa Gonzales. Gonzales was harassed after she complained about delayed incentives and compensation for employees.

Recently, Gonzales posted on social media a call for the MMDA leadership to give the Special Recognition Incentive (SRI) and Gratuity Pay to employees who fought and won in December 2023. She also filed a request to Malacañang to give the Clothing Allowance which was not given in 2023. She also called on the regime to address the issue of layoffs and complaints about MMDA leadership negligence in January 2024.

Instead of addressing the union’s grievance and dialogue with its leaders, the MMDA leadership treacherously filed a case against Gonzales for “violating” MMDA Memoranum No. 17 that prohibits posting on social media anything that damages the integrity of the MMDA.

“It is clear that the call for a legitimate request or grievance is a right to free expression, especially since it comes from a unionist leader,” Courage replied. It says this is also a way for unionists to defend the well-being of employees in the call to be given the benefits that rightfully belong to MMDA employees.

It said “(t)he case against her is also a form of harassment against a unionist and a warning against employees to remain silent and not complain despite the righteousness and legality of what they fight for.”

Courage called on the MMDA leadership to withdraw the case filed against Gonzales and correct the wrong policy of the agency that was the basis of the case because it is oppressive, inhumane and illegal.

MMDA staff have recently received their SRI and Gratuity Pay for 2023. Nevertheless, Courage extended its solidarity with agency employees for the continued struggle for Clothing Allowance for 2023 and 2024. The union emphasized that it is only fair that MMDA employees continue to fight for their well-being and rights, including demanding the regularization of its contractuals.

AB: MMDA harasses employees union leader