NPA ambushes CAFGU elements in Masbate

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The New People’s Army ambushed elements of the CAFGU in Barangay Manlut-od, Placer, Masbate last November 7. Two elements were killed. They seized two short weapons (.45 and KG-9 caliber), several magazines, ammunition and other military equipment.

According to NPA-Masbate spokesperson Luz del Mar, the ambush adds to the more than twenty guerrilla actions launched in the province this year. Del Mar said the people’s army’s demolition, snipe, harassment and ambush operations inflicted an almost platoon-size casualty against the AFP, PNP and CAFGU. These are part of the revolutionary movement’s campaign against the ongoing military rule in the province.

“These tactical offensives launched by the Red army aim to gradually weaken and frustrate the enemy’s military offensive as well as strengthening the masses’ determination to act and unite against the state’s armed oppression,” Ka Luz said.

The CAFGUs have served as instruments of the military for its Retooled Community Support Program (RCSP) in Masbate. Masbate residents, especially the people of Placer, are very joyous for the NPA’s successful actions.

Gripped by mortal fear, some soldiers and police no longer want to leave their camps worries they might be sniped or ambushed by the NPA.

AB: NPA ambushes CAFGU elements in Masbate