NPA-Batangas honors Tuy martyrs

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The New People’s Army (NPA)-Batangas paid the highest tribute to its three Red fighters who fell in the battle on the border of the barangays of Bolbok and Dao in the town of Tuy, Batangas on June 23. The three were killed in an encounter with the 59th IB.

“Under the Red flag of armed struggle, let’s raise our fists and shout with pride the heroism of Gladys Cassandra Mendoza (Ka George), Jethro Royce Magtira (Ka Alex), and Jian Markus Tayco (Ka Reb), ” said Ka Gregorio Caraig, NPA-Batangas spokesperson.

The NPA said the three were good sons of the people who, despite not being Batangueños, have chosen to offer their talent, intellect and skills to the advancement of the revolution in the province. “The Batangueño masses should be proud of the brave Batangas revolutionary martyrs!” Ka Gregorio said.

The NPA extended its sincere condolences to the relatives and families of the martyrs. “We thank them for embracing the path taken by their good children,” Ka Gregorio said.

Meanwhile, the people’s army strongly condemned the 59th IB for its disregard for the remains and its relentless harassment on the martyrs’ families. Human rights groups reported that the families were not able to retrieve the remains of Ka Alex and Ka Reb immediately due to the PNP-Tuy and 59th IB’s intentional delay, interrogation and intimidation of the Magtira and Tayco families. The military and police also harassed and intimidated humanitarian groups that came to help the families of the two.

Due to fear and harassment, Ka George’s family were not able to bring his remains home. It was only through the efforts of human rights groups that he was buried and given recognition and honor. Even then, the 59th IB acted as pallbearers of Ka George’s casket for show and pretend to be humanitarian.

In addition, the military also intimidated and forcibly evacuated the people of barangays Bolbok, Acle and the neighboring Dao in Tuy in pursuit of three people’s army. The 59th IB also forced residents to launch a fake rally against the NPA.

“The people can count on NPA-Batangas to mete out revolutionary justice to the killers of our dear comrades, and for the oppression suffered by the Batangueño people!” Ka Gregorio stated.

Various organizations, comrades and activists have also paid tributes and salutes to the martyrs. They shared their experiences with the martyrs when they were still activists, before deciding to join the NPA.

AB: NPA-Batangas honors Tuy martyrs