NPA-Masbate ambushes 2nd IB soldiers

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The New People’s Army (NPA) ambushed on October 7 soldiers of the 2nd IB and CAFGU elements who were on their way home at the border of Barangay Mambog and Buenaflor in Dimasalang, Masbate. One soldier was killed while another was wounded.

The soldiers were aboard a motorcycle when Red fighters fired at them. They came from a 15-day guard duty at the military detachment in Barangay Miabas, Palanas which is a kilometer and a half away from the ambush site.

According to the NPA-Masbate report, the soldiers were involved in intimidating civilians in the towns of Palanas, Cawayan and Dimasalang. Even the elderly were not spared from the CAFGU’s forced conscription in every village in the said towns. The soldier who was killed was also involved in exploiting women especially in Barangay Miabas.

NPA-Masbate spokesperson Ka Luz del Mar denied claims of the 2nd IB that a barangay official was killed in the ambush. The spokesperson emphasized that the tactical offensive was in accordance with international humanitarian law.

According to Ka Luz, the armed action is the fourth in the series of tactical offensives by the people’s army since Marcos Jr took power. These are in response to the worsening violence and violation of human rights committed by the Marcos regime’s armed forces against the Masbateño masses.

At least three civilians have been killed in the province under the Marcos II regime. According to Ka Luz, Masbate is under military rule. Here, the military outrightly disregards civilian authority of local government units. Alongside militarization is the aggressive land-grabbing for infrastructure projects such as ranches, ecotourism, the construction of a new airport and expansion of the destructive mining companies in the province.

“The NPA-Masbate’s tactical offensives are proof that the army of the poor will not stop defending the masses against military violence and will hold the PNP, AFP and CAFGU accountable for their crimes against the Masbateño people,” Ka Luz emphasized.

After the ambush, the 2nd IB and CAFGU arrested Allan Dayday, Rostum Monares and Tinoy Orsaiz, residents of Barangay Buenaflor. There are no further information related to their current situation.

AB: NPA-Masbate ambushes 2nd IB soldiers