NPA-Surigao del Sur ambushes brutal 75th IB unit

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Three operating troops of the 75th IB’s Charlie Company were killed while another one was wounded after Red fighters ambushed them in Barangay Mahaba, Marihatag, Surigao del Sur last October 6.

Soldiers were riding three motorcyles when ambushed at around 7:35 a.m. Red fighters fired their weapons from a distance of about seven meters. The firefight lasted for seven minutes. Red fighters withrew safely.

“The ambush is part of the continuing counter-offensives against the military’s attacks against the revolutionary movement in the province,” said NPA-Surigao del Sur spokesperson Ka Sandara Sidlakan today. This is also in response to the intensified and widespred military operations and the 75th IB’s human rights violations which Ka Sandara called “extreme brutality.”

“The AFP boasts of having almost crushed the revolutionary movement and armed resistance in Surigao del Sur and the whole country,” said Ka Sandara. “But in truth, as the brutal and fascist attacks of soldiers continue, more and more victims and oppressed people are forced to unite and take up arms against the state.”

Ka Sandara said people face the challenge of firmly resisting state fascism and strengthening the ties of the masses and the people’s army to frustrate the military operations of mad enemy forces and advancing the people’s war until victory.


AB: NPA-Surigao del Sur ambushes brutal 75th IB unit