State forces harass Central Luzon workers' assembly on May 1

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Marcos regime agents harassed a gathering of workers led by the Workers Alliance of Region III-Kilusang Mayo Uno (WAR III-KMU) on May 1 in Angeles City. Armed state forces surrounded the venue before the participants arrived. In addition, police forces spent the entire day on the roads leading to the venue. Because of this, the workers were forced to transfer to another venue.

WAR III Chairperson Ka Pol Viuya condemned state forces for this repressive act. In an interview by The Angelite, campus newspaper of Holy Angel University in the city, he condemned state forces for monitoring their actions and wiretapping their communications.

In the alternative gathering of workers, the second chairman of the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan)-Central Luzon, Arnie Gallardo, shared the regional situation of workers in factories and workshops, and the issue of wage increases the state does not address.

In Central Luzon, the daily wage of workers is pegged at ₱500. This is far from the estimated ₱1,158 worth of living wages in the region in March.

Apart from this, they also condemned the Marcos regime for railroading the charter change and for allowing imperialist US to drag the Philippines into a war against its rival imperialist China.

As an alternative activity to supposedly attending the assembly, the officers and members of the Far East Alcohol Labor Union-ANGLO-KMU launched a general meeting. The union condemned the state’s repression and blockade against their assembly.

In Castillejos, Zambales, more than 300 workers of Seatrium Subic Shipyard (formerly Keppel) gathered to take action on International Labor Day. The union is also preparing for their upcoming collective bargaining agreement in July.

Umicore workers in Subic, Zambales, along with the Central Luzon Workers for Wage Increase, protested before their workplace to demand increased wages, livelihood, and the promotion and protection of workers’ rights.

AB: State forces harass Central Luzon workers' assembly on May 1