Workers march to US embassy to protest Balikatan

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Workers marched to the US embassy yesterday, April 26, to denounce the ongoing Balikatan war games. The action is the third in a series of Red Friday Protests launched by Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) workers this month.

Workers denounced what they say is the US posturing for war which further intensifies the tension in the West Philippine Sea. They condemned China’s use of “gray tactics,” and the US’s use of these incidents to raise tensions in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Genocide Joe (US President Joseph Biden) has already failed in Ukraine and Gaza, and has exposed himself …as a harbinger of war and bloodshed,” KMU said.

The US presence in the Philippines is part of its efforts to preserve its economic interests in the country and throughout Asia, according to the group.

The KMU warned that part of it is the charter change being railroaded by the Marcos regime to sell out the Philippines to foreigners.

“Marcos is putting the Filipinos in the middle of a crossfire between the United States and China, and he is making sure he lines his pockets with American dollars as he does so,” it said. KMU calls for the unity of patriotic, democratic and peace-loving Filipinos and its international allies to oppose US economic, political and military interference in the Philippines.

AB: Workers march to US embassy to protest Balikatan