:A hallmark of dim-witted reasoning and utter stupidity: Major fascist lapdog Eric Vinoya's deductive blunder

On August 3, 2020, the PA 3rd ID boldly proclaimed: “NPA [in Negros] suffers consecutive setbacks; fall of [guerilla] fronts looming.” Endowed with a false sense of grandeur and impunity, MGEN Vinoya wallows in his delusional thinking that the people’s army will no doubt be wiped out, considering the series of defeats sustained by the CPP-NPA. Unfortunately for Mr. Vinoya, as per the principles of logic, the final conclusions of deductive arguments are valid if and only if the premises they rest upon are in the first place true beyond all reasonable doubt. Now, what truth is there to the claim that the people’s army, and its vanguard party, lately experienced consecutive defeats? Apparently, despite all his education and experience, Mr. Vinoya regrettably employs sloppy reasoning, unable to identify what constitutes a valid claim.

What are these so called setbacks suffered by the NPA? According to Vinoya, these are: 1) the arrest of 3 alleged NPA officials on July 30, 2020; 2) the arrests of 4 alleged NPA officials three weeks earlier; 3) the arrests of 3 alleged YMs last Sunday; and 4) the wiping out of a 5-man NPA team last July 18.

Now, from Mr. Vinoya’s perspective, the aforementioned are defeats for the underground revolutionary movement in Negros, while they are victories for himself and the armed forces. May the people raise a question, Mr. Vinoya: what if it is not the NPA that suffered losses, but rather it is you, your criminal fascist cohorts, and the rotten-to-the-core puppet armed forces who have unwittingly brought shame and defeat upon themselves?

Firstly, the communist party and the people’s army are not traditional organizations that would normally be paralyzed by the incapacitation of its leaders and members. Rather, they are akin to the Lerneaen Hydra; for every head chopped off, the creature would regrow two heads. Since the beginnings of the fascist dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos until the open terrorist tyranny of today under the US-Duterte regime, plentiful are the number of times that the reactionaries in the military-bureaucracy¬ boasted of capturing high-ranking cadres of the CPP-NPA; and thereby predicting the national democratic revolution’s demise. Not only has the Philippine revolutionary movement remained unimpeded and unfazed by the loss of numerous responsible cadres and death of thousands of red fighters and activists, but it has also multiplied many times in strength, and over the past decades it has earned its deserved title as the shining beacon of the world proletarian revolution.

Secondly, illegal arrest and detention, along with trumped up charges only go to show how absolutely crooked and vile the police and army truly are. Planting of weapons to justify the procurement of conviction, also known as a “throw down,” is a criminal case of falsifying evidence, and really underscores the fascist minions’ shameless corruption. In the case of the arrests of the 3 alleged NPA officials last Thursday, the planted evidence, most notably the M14 rifle and the 4 rifle grenades, clearly manifests the utter stupidity prevalent among the fascists. Would you please care to enlighten us, Mr. Vinoya, how could any of the 3 female suspects, all standing at a mere 5 feet and below in height, possibly be able to secretly carry around an M14 battle rifle, with a length of 3 feet and 8 inches? To successfully conceal the weapon while constantly on the move, they would have had to hide it in a bag that’s as long as 75% of their body height, not to mention the rifle grenades, only capable of being fired from an Armalite platform weapon, would be entirely useless and merely constitute unnecessary added weight. Please, Mr. Vinoya, if your PMA educated officers and their troopers are smart enough, kindly instruct them to be more sensible and reasonable when they commit the criminal act of fabricating evidence. Females who are clearly non-combatants, below 5 feet height, in possession of an M14 and rifle grenades usable only with an Armalite? What a load of hogwash!

Aside from the self-inflicted humiliation, Mr. Vinoya and all his lapdogs, along with every single criminal element in the armed forces, are only digging their own graves and building their own prison cells. Despite all his intellectual powers, Mr. Eric Vinoya seems to miss out on some very basic facts; governments, especially their presidents, like everything else in this world, come and go. When Duterte’s tyranny comes to its natural end, the day of reckoning shall likewise follow. When that day comes, and come it no doubt will, Mr. Vinoya, no longer will Duterte be around to safeguard you from the people’s desire for justice and retribution. Lady Justice will eventually triumph and her sword shall, without mercy, strike all the criminal fascists who have incurred the wrath of the Filipino people. It is not the end of the NPA guerilla fronts of Negros that is looming; but rather, it is the entire puppet GRP state, especially its main pillar, the reactionary armed forces, that is doomed to eventual demise.

:A hallmark of dim-witted reasoning and utter stupidity: Major fascist lapdog Eric Vinoya's deductive blunder