A redux on Marcos' sham amnesty

This is the Party’s reaction to National Security Adviser Eduardo Año’s pronouncement over the weekend that the Marcos regime plans to expand its bogus amnesty program.

1. Marcos’ amnesty proclamation will fail in its declared objective of weakening the NPA and the revolutionary movement. Having pinpointed past errors and weaknesses, the Red fighters of the NPA are determined as ever to wage revolutionary armed struggle, fight the US-Marcos regime and serve the people.

2. Marcos’ amnesty program is big-time scam involving billions of pesos of people’s money. Together with the “Barangay Development Program” of the NTF-Elcac, the “E-CLIP” fund, and like all past “balik-loob” programs, are all corruption schemes that enrich bureaucrat capitalists and military officers. Since Magsaysay, all these schemes merely seek to obscure the reasons why people rise up in arm. Marcos amnesty program will merely end up in the dustbin of history.

3. Marcos’ self-imposed deadline to dismantle all guerrilla fronts last March 31 has been frustrated by the NPA. The NPA is also determined to frustrate Marcos’ June 30 deadline of dismantling all NPA units, and end-of-the-year deadline of dismantling all NPA regional commands and regional Party committees.

4. The NPA is determined to pivot the people’s war back to the course of advance and frustrate the declarations of the AFP to end the NPA within the year. Even now, a number of NPA units have regained their political and military bearing and are steadily expanding and strengthening. The NPA’s mass base continues to expand and provide the NPA with a growing stream of new recruits and support.

5. The revolutionary armed struggle being waged by the NPA is currently the single-most important weapon of the Filipino people in hindering the US war preparations and plans to provoke an inter-imperialist war in Asia.

A redux on Marcos' sham amnesty