Aerial bombing in Bukidnon shows AFP’s military decadence

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) vehemently condemns the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for dropping scores of massive 250-lb bombs on a guerrilla camp of the New People’s Army (NPA) in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon during the wee hours of December 25 which killed ten people.

During the same attack, the AFP repeatedly fired artillery rounds using the US- and Israel-supplied ATMOS stationed in their military camp in city. The AFP continued with the aerial bombardment in the evening and the following day.

The aerial attack, which was carried out for several hours, constitutes a brazen violation of international humanitarian law and the civilized conduct of war as it is involves an disproportionate use of force relative to its target. The attack caused excessive number of deaths. The bodies of some of fatalities were grossly mangled, while others were dismembered during the vicious overkill.

In addition, the repeated dropping of powerful bombs, overflight of drones and fighter jets, and firing of howitzers caused widespread fear and trauma among the tens of thousands residents in various nearby barangays. It also caused the destruction of large masses of forest resources which are source of livelihood of people.

The use of massive 250-lb bombs against guerrilla fighters shows the war decadence and bloodlust of the AFP. This decadence is fed by the US military in its drive to unload its arsenal of surplus and antiquated military technology. They unleash their firepower without distinction of what is within bounds of reason and principles of laws of war. This is the same military decadence with which Zionist state of Israel has carried out its bombardment of Gaza since October.

The Party extends its sympathies to the victims of the December 25 aerial bombing in Bukidnon and declares them as martyrs of the Filipino people. The Party calls on Red fighters of the NPA in Bukidnon to draw lessons from their loss, strengthen their resolve, vow to attain justice and carry forward the revolutionary struggle.

Aerial bombing in Bukidnon shows AFP's military decadence