AFP and PNP are fascist dogs and liars


The AFP and PNP are fascist dogs and liars. Each day, more lies are being spewed from the AFP/PNP factory.

In their desperation to chase the New People’s Army, the AFP once again hopelessly retaliated on civilians. While conducting clearing operations in the boundaries of Canlaon, Moises Padilla, and Guihulngan last September 17, elements of the 62nd Infantry Batallion went on a strafing-spree.

Ernie Jacolbe, resident of Sitio Owayan, Brgy Budlasan, Canlaon City was just about to get his grazing carabao when elements of the 62nd Infantry Batallion open fired at his direction. Gilbert Reyes, resident of the same barangay, was just chasing his horrified carabao upon hearing the gunshots when he was picked up by elements of the 62nd IB. In true army fashion, they planted firearms on him and accused him as an NPA fighter. With the intervention of his family and barangay officials, he was released later that day but signs of torture was evident in his body.

In Sitio Bungao, Brgy Trinidad, Guihulngan, a group of youngsters resting in a nipa hut were strafed by elements of the 62nd IB. They then bound the youngsters but was able to escape. The AFP was quick to plant a motley of firearms and projected to the public that it was the NPA that they exchanged firefight with. This only proves their desperation and failure to chase the NPA.

No amount of spin stories can misled the toiling masses. The broad masses of the people know that the AFP/PNP are mercenaries for further exploitation and oppression. It is then imperative for the people to link arms and resist the fascist Duterte regime.

In response, the NPA is more than ready to punish the AFP/PNP butchers and defend the people of Negros.

AFP and PNP are fascist dogs and liars