Baby Rhea has been returned to her family

This is to inform everyone Baby Rhea is now with her grandmother and family! A woman anonymously got in touch with the family and arranged to meet with them yesterday afternoon to bring them Baby Rhea.

The woman claims she “took care of Ka Jan” (the mother) and her baby. She took off immediately after handing over the baby to her grandmother. Surely, the woman, acting as an agent of the 402nd IBde must be held responsible for her actions.

The return of Baby Rhea to her grandmother is clear victory for the family, for the cause of human rights and child rights. Without a doubt, the officers of the 402nd IBde quickly returned Baby Rhea to her family in the face of pressure following the public appeal of her parents.

The 402nd IBde clearly buckled amid mounting outrage against their despicable crime of kidnapping Baby Rhea to pressure her parents to surrender and give up the revolutionary cause.

The parents of Baby Rhea have expressed gratitude to all who gave support to their cause.

However, Aurily Havana (Ka Laiza) and Jennifer Binungkasan (Ka Laile), NPA Red fighters on maternity leave, are still being kept as hostages by the military. We urge everyone to keep up the pressure for the 402nd IBde to surface Ka Laiza and Ka Laile.

Baby Rhea has been returned to her family