CentCom chief’s pipe dream

In a recent visit to its headquarters last Nov. 26, 2020, Lt. Gen. Roberto Ancan of AFP-Central Command congratulated the 11th IB for successfully “dismantling the Southeast Negros Front of the CPP-NPA”.

The congratulatory remark ironically came barely a month after the failure of the last round of focused military operation (FMO) in Sta. Catalina and other adjoining places on September 28 to October 27, 2020.

From January to October, the 11th IB along with police mobile units and paramilitary forces launched five rounds of FMOs covering 195 sitios, 26 barangays and 5 towns in the Third District of Negros Oriental.

But all of these failed even to strike or wipe out any unit of the NPA in Southeast Negros under the Rachelle Mae Palang Command (RMPC). Not even one recent encampment seized nor cadres nor red commanders captured.

In the face of a militarily preponderant enemy, RMPC units successfully employed guerilla tactics to elude decisive engagements and purely military situations and launched appropriate actions according to capacity.

RMPC units, amid the series of FMOs, were able to conduct 3 punitive actions against notorious intelligence operatives and counter-revolutionary elements serving as military guides during combat operations, as well as, death squads targeting red-tagged civilians in the military hit list.

FMOs did not deter the revolutionary forces under the leadership of the Party in advancing its work in the ideological, political and organizational fields.
While the FMOs were raging, 5 batches of Basic Party Courses (BPC) attended by more than 50 new Party recruits were clandestinely held, even in some areas where the enemy’s operating columns were nearby.

Aside from these, 2 batches of PADEPA instructors’ trainings and other political trainings attended by more than 30 revolutionary activists were also held. The membership of the revolutionary mass organizations expanded by about 10%, and scores of new mass organizations established.

Party membership expanded by around 7%, and grounds for the establishment of new Party branches laid down.

Various units of the RMPC expanded in membership and enhanced its politico-military capacity through trainings, study sessions and conferences.
To claim success when concrete data and indicators read failure is delusory. Lt. Gen. Roberto Ancan must be hallucinating like an addict high on hallucinogenic substances. His pipe dream of dismantling and destroying the revolutionary movement is just that — a dream, a fantasy.

The destitute condition of the people and state terrorism under the monstrous US-Duterte regime are driving the people towards the path of armed revolution. ###

CentCom chief’s pipe dream