Denounce police brutalities in Hongkong

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) strongly denounces the extreme brutalities unleashed by the Hongkong police against protesters and ordinary people over the past few days in the vain hope of suppressing the democratic mass actions mounted by the people of Hongkong against the proposed extradition bill.

Hongkong state police forces have brandished weapons, and used teargas, watercannons and truncheons against the people. Scores of Hongkong residents have been injured and hundreds arrested over the past few weeks.

The employment of violence manifests the fascist orientation of the Hongkong administration under the direction of the Chinese government. Clouds of authoritarianism are gathering over Hongkong. The violent suppression underscores the legitimacy of the democratic mass actions mounted by the people of Hongkong since June.

The revolutionary forces of the Filipino people expresses solidarity with the democratic protest actions in Hongkong. Indeed, there are parallelisms between the struggles of the Filipino people and Chinese people as they are both confronted with similar authoritarian rulers who make no qualms in using state power to advance their aims. They can draw strength from each others’ struggles.

In the face of rising antagonisms with China, US and other superpowers have openly and discreetly backed the Hongkong protests. The people of Hongkong can very well accept such support but must also guard against foreign meddling in their affairs.

The people of Hongkong must persist in their democratic struggles even in the face of extreme fascist adversity. Their sacrifices in sweat and blood will not be in vain.

Denounce police brutalities in Hongkong