Duterte will not be impeached, but he can be kicked out by the people for so many reasons

The tyrant Duterte cannot be impeached, not because there are not enough reasons behind it, but rather because Duterte’s minions in his rubberstamp congress will not allow it. And just to make sure they won’t even think about it, Duterte has made overt threats of throwing into jail anyone who will try to impeach him.

Indeed, the Filipino people have enough grounds to demand Duterte’s impeachment for repeated and downright violations of the 1987 constitution, especially over his failure to defend the country’s sovereign rights over its exclusive economic zone in failing to restrict China from freely fishing in the Recto Bank.

He exhibited outright national treachery when he declared that he cannot defend the Philippine constitution supposedly because China is a superpower who will just dismiss it as mere toilet paper. He is treating the Filipino people as stupid when he insists that going to war with China is the only option to defend the country’s sovereignty. He has even gone the extent of suggesting to put the Philippines under the protectorate of the US as the only alternative.

He is utterly incapable of upholding the country’s national sovereignty because one, he is in the pockets of corrupt Chinese state monopoly capitalists, and two, because he is subservient to US economic, political and military interests. He is serving the interests of either superpower to the detriment of the country’s soverignty and national dignity.

Despite his repeated violation and contempt of the 1987 constitution, Duterte will likely not be impeached by congress now dominated by his cronies and minions, especially not by the Senate now dominated by his lackeys and clowns.

Even if Duterte cannot be impeached, he can definitely be kicked out by the Filipino people. In less than three years, they have grown extremely indignant over Duterte’s national treachery, his campaign of mass murder and terrorism, corruption, unexplained wealth accumulation and oppression. They seek to end his anti-people reign at the soonest. They have all the right to overthrow the detested tyrant, lock him behind bars and make him pay for all his crimes.

Duterte will not be impeached, but he can be kicked out by the people for so many reasons