Duterte's brazen involvement in drugs, crime and corruption


In his presidential campaign in 2016, Duterte impressed a plurality (not a majority) of the electorate that he was tough on drugs, crime, and corruption and that he was going to wipe these out in a trice though strong-arm tactics.

On Drugs. He promised to wipe out illegal drugs in three to six months. What has he done? He has caused the mass murder of 30,000 poor people on mere suspicion of being drug users or pushers. But according to himself, the number of illegal drug addicts has increased from 1.8 million in 2016 to eight million in 2019.

It is because Duterte is in cahoots with the drug lords, especially his own relatives who are linked to the criminal Chinese triads. He has installed himself as the biggest protector of drug lords. He has allowed rampant smuggling of illegal drugs at various Philippine ports. The drug smuggling is so frequent that there are some foul-ups which become exposed to the public.

On Crime. The Duterte ruling clique is culpable for the biggest crimes by engaging in gross and systematic human rights violations in order to preserve the exploitative and oppressive semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system of big compradors, landlords and corrupt officials who are subservient to imperialist powers and foreign monopoly interests.

Extreme corruption and mass murder expose sharply the criminal character of the Duterte regime. Duterte’s bureaucratic, business and armed subalterns are unprecedented in abuse of power. He has systematically corrupted and criminalized the police and military officers in the bogus war on drugs and in the counterrevolutionary war in order to turn the police and the military into his private armies and instruments of terror and tyranny.

On Corruption. During the electoral campaign of 2016, Duterte proclaimed himself as Left and socialist on certain occasions. But in fact, he was mainly the political agent of the pro-Marcos plantation, logging mining and smuggling interests in Mindanao and allied himself with the Marcoses, Arroyos, Estradas, Enriles, and other Luzon-based plunderers in order to gain their bailiwick votes.

Upon becoming president, he has given priority to favoring his colleagues in corruption and wastebasketing the plunder cases against them. Having become the chief plunderer of public resources, he has openly allied himself with previous major plunderers in continuing the reign of greed and plunder of the country, collaboration with foreign monopoly interests and rigging the electoral, political and judicial processes of the ruling system.

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Duterte's brazen involvement in drugs, crime and corruption