Killing revolutionaries will not end the revolution, AGC-NPA spox

Ka Juanito Magbanua, spokesperson of New People’s Army Negros Island Apolinario Gatmaitan Command (AGC-NPA), issued a statement lambasting “mercenary state forces” who believe that “they can end the revolution through killing revolutionaries.”

He strongly condemned the combined troops of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) for the massacre of four NPA members at Hacienda Builder, Barangay San Pablo, Manapla, Negros Occidental yesterday, September 30, around 2:00 in the morning.

Magbanua confirmed the death of Ka Monet (Marilyn Badayos), her husband Ka Brod (Rudy Carbajosa), Ka Wowie (Ronilo Desabille) and Ka Simo (Rufino Bocaval) “in the hands of the fascist enemy.”

“While land grabbing of farms, exploitation of workers and violation of human rights remain, people who choose to stand for their principles, take up arms and follow the path of revolutionary armed struggle will keep on multiplying to demand the justice they have long been denied of and make the hardened and butcher state forces gravely pay for blood debts against the people,” he said.

However, he remarked that “state forces vehemently deny that the persisting revolutionary armed struggle is born out of the oppressive, exploitative and cruel semicolonial and semifeudal system.”

He admitted that the death of their comrades caused grief to the revolutionary ranks “but their supreme sacrifice will become an inspiration to further strengthen the resolve to serve the people and be determined in advancing the revolution.”

Also, he stated further that the [Communist Party of the Philippine] carries the correct line in waging revolution and surely reaps the support of the broad masses.

Magbanua said as well that the Manapla massacre differentiates the revolutionary principles and the butcher nature of the enemy and in order to give tribute to the heroes and martyrs of the revolution, the extensive and intensive guerrilla warfare based on a deep and broad mass base must be continued.###

Killing revolutionaries will not end the revolution, AGC-NPA spox