RMPC-NPA denounces proposed Tamlang Valley detachment

The Rachelle Mae Palang Command – New People’s Army Southeast Front (RMPC-NPA) denounced the 11th IB’s proposed detachment in Tamlang Valley, Barangay Talalak, Santa Catalina, Negros Oriental.

Ka Estrella Banagbanag, spokesperson of the RMPC-NPA, called on the people to ‘reject the AFP’s plan of intensifying militarization in Santa Catalina.’

“It is obvious that the AFP is desperate to veer the masses away from supporting the revolutionary movement,” Banagbanag stated on Monday. “This tactic is also used in other parts of Negros, but has failed. Promised salary and benefits to SCAA recruits have not arrived, while their officers indulge in corruption.”

Banagbanag blasted 11th IB Commanding Officer Selayo’s declaration of their plan to recruit villagers into the SCAA/CAA 2 program to act as force multipliers in the already militarized barangays.

She stated that the recruitment program was “a farce, much like their declaration of the guerrilla front being dismantled.”

“The AFP cannot act in benevolent pretense when their troops have destroyed communities and livelihoods; and red-tagged, detained, and killed innocent farmers in Santa Catalina,” Banagbanag added.

She urged the people in Santa Catalina to continue being vigilant against the “11th IB’s many tricks to try and lead them astray.”

“Recruitment of auxiliary forces to be funded by LGUs or private corporations only cement the fact that the AFP is an institution subservient to the ruling class. Serving the interests of a few will worsen the socioeconomic and humanitarian crisis in the area, and will lead to more people opting to carry arms and be full-fledged Red Fighters to end their suffering,” she said.

“Only genuine land reform carried out by agrarian revolution through the people’s war can bring sustainable livelihoods and alleviate the economic situation of the people in Southeast Negros, not the state’s petty band-aid solutions,” Banagbanag concluded.###

RMPC-NPA denounces proposed Tamlang Valley detachment