State forces whitewash NPA Actions in Calatrava

State forces would rather be deceitful to the public, than be truthful and admit its failure and recognize their enemy’s success. In an institution favoured with billions of pesos for intelligence operations, advance skills trainings and modernization projects, cover-up stories are standard procedure to avoid budget cuts, humiliation or demotion.

While the chief of police of Calatrava MPS and the commander of the 79th IB of AFP kept mum on the issue, NOCPPO’s PLt. Judessess Catalogo and 303rd IBde Commanding Officer BGen. Orlando Edralin and even former 79th IB Commanding Officer J-Jay Javines publicly appeared to play their piece of the script to rescue their blunder. In an orchestrated manner, both the PNP and AFP released lies upon lies unwittingly validating their defeat in the ambush mounted by the NPA.

1. Policemen from Calatrava Municipal Police Station responded to an earlier punitive action en route to Sitio Batyogon, not to serve arrest warrants of supposed NPA officials. There was an initial report of a shooting incident prompting local reactionary authorities to proceed to the area. The mere fact that their convoy was comprised of barangay officials and employees aboard a rescue vehicle and a canter truck escorted by the Calatrava MPS on a patrol vehicle clearly attest to this claim.

2. The incident in Sitio Calanugan was an ambush, not an armed encounter. With the tactical superiority of the NPA unit positioned in favorable terrain with a level of secrecy, the Calatrava MPS was taken by surprise when a command-detonated bomb exploded followed by selective rifle fire at their direction, they immediately disembarked from the running vehicle scampering away from the killing zone with no effective return fire.

3. AFP claims that the Northern Negros Guerilla Front has now only eight (8) Red fighters, while local PNP involved stated that armed men firing at them ranged from 20 to 30. This inconsistency raises questions of the current (and even the future) relationship between these two fascist institutions. Again, their claims of “dismantled” and “weakened” guerrilla fronts and “remnant” fighters are insubstantial to the Negros masses who are continually seeking justice and liberation from a century-old oppressive and exploitative system.

Barangay Minapasuk has witnessed the deception tactics of fascist troops before. Here, #DiMasaligan79IB fabricated fake encounters to boost their failing counter-insurgency campaign. On June 2021, AFP claimed to have killed a certain Johnrey Pahayahay, maliciously tagged as an NPA member, in an encounter. Pahayahay was a notorious criminal and not, in any way, related to the NPA (1). Another fake encounter on June 2022 culminated the attack on farmers’ communities, including residents being subjects to massive forced surrender, controlled movements, among other human rights violations (2), including an aerial bombardment threat precluded by public opposition (3).

On the other hand, the local police force is active in enforcing an anti-people counter-insurgency program led by the NTF-Elcac. They have collaborated with the #DiMasalagan79IB in perpetrating various rights violations, specifically HRVs perpetrated in the said barangay, by blindly enforcing the fascist’s propaganda line rather than exposing the truth in defense of civilian victims.

The recent success of the RJPC-NPA is made possible by the unfathomable support of the broad masses, especially the victims of state forces’ merciless anti-people campaign to crush the revolution.

Long live the revolution! Viva CPP-NPA-NDF! Long live the oppressed masses!

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State forces whitewash NPA Actions in Calatrava