No encounter between NPA and 79th IB in Calatrava last June 22

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The Roselyn Jean Pelle Command New People’s Army (RJPC-NPA) North Negros Guerrilla Front clarifies that there was no encounter between the 79th IB Philippine Army and NPA in Sityo Ecogan, Brgy. Minapasok, Calatrava on June 22, 2021.

What the military engaged in an “encounter” was a notorious criminal group wherein they killed its leader, Jhonrey “Kanoy” Pahayahay. His group is notorious for misrepresenting or posing as NPAs in its extortion activities. There are also cases of theft of agricultural produce and farm animals of peasants, hold-up, murder and other activities that harm the masses in the area.

The 79th IB once again beats its chest using the outright lie connecting this notorious group as members of a purported Special Partisan Unit (SPARU) of the NPA in North Negros. The new commanding officer of the 79th IB, Lt. Col. J-jay T. Javines shamelessly and intentionally feeds the media with false information to quickly conjure and brag about “accomplishments.”

Pahayahay was definitely NOT an NPA. In fact, these criminal groups in Calatrava already have verdicts before the revolutionary people’s court. Last year, the RJPC-NPA implemented the death sentence against Jhonrel “Katong” Pahayahay, Jhonrey’s brother. The NPA recovered a 9mm pistol and bullets.

Meanwhile, it is common knowledge among the people that these criminal groups are pro-military and were formed by corrupt politicians, despotic landlords and backed by the 79th IB to implement its militarist orientation that wreak havoc in peasant communities. This “encounter” is dubious because the person killed was clearly an asset of the military.

No encounter between NPA and 79th IB in Calatrava last June 22