The “Insurgency-free” declaration is empty; the revolution continues in Quezon!


Apolonio Mendoza Command-NPA-North Quezon invalidates Governor Helen Tan’s declaration of Quezon province being “insurgency-free”. This is founded on the AFP-PNP’s earlier successive false declarations of “stable internal peace and security” in Quezon’s towns in the last 7 months, including Polillo Group of Islands, General Nakar, Infanta and Real.

So long as there is exploitation and oppression, the revolution will prevail. The people of Quezon rage against bogus development projects because these threatens to endanger their lives and livelihood and further impoverish them. The people in North Quezon fight against these projects alongside the revolutionary forces, their true allies.

The Marcos-Duterte regime is adamant on forwarding the Kaliwa Dam, which is to be followed by the Kanan Dam according the New Centennial Watersource Project. The two dams will reach General Nakar and Infanta and will clear the farmers and Dumagat-Remontado tribesmen of their fields, ancestral land and livelihood. The town of Infanta is also in danger of being erased from maps due to land erosion. It will cause widespread destruction of Sierra Madre, and especially amidst the worsening climate change, disastrous floods may cause damage to the population and the environment once brutal storms occur.

In Real, the Real Wind Energy Project places a threat. Although intended to be a renewable energy source, the people of Real worry of the displacement and land loss that the 5,670-hectare project will result in.

Meanwhile, development aggression is also an enemy of the people of Polillo Group of Islands. They are in constant threat of demolition and displacement because of companies such as Alphaland.

These are only a few of the current anti-people agenda of the reactionary governement in the province. One cannot count the plans and projects that landlords and big comprador-bourgeoisie have imposed that have endangered the lives and livelihood of the people of North Quezon in the past five decades. The people faced these with the help of the NPA and under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

Governor Helen Tan supposedly acknowledges that poverty is the root of armed conflict, but instead of providing solutions, she made worse the people’s impending problems of landlessness, jobs, homes and the disregard toward the self-determination of the people she serves. Her “long-term solutions” are inutile and pretentious because these will never solve the fundamental problems of the root of poverty in Quezon. She will surely fail to advance the democratic rights of her people as long as she supports the big comprador-bourgeosie, landlords and imperialists in landgrabbing and plundering the province’s vast natural resources and its people’s labor force.

It is clear that the interests of the people and bureaucrat capitalists like Governor Tan are opposed especially since the latter ushers the suppression campaigns and fascism that the AFP-PNP in the province heads against people who advance their democratic rights.

The revolution in Quezon continues and will continue because the people see that is it right and a necessity to forward social change through armed struggle. So long as the those who perpetuate their poverty are in power, the people’s war will continue.

Apolonio Mendoza Command will not cower. The revolutionary people will not cower. In North Quezon and in the whole province, we will stay, and ardently advance the national democratic revolution.###

The “Insurgency-free” declaration is empty; the revolution continues in Quezon!