The revolutionary movement grieves the loss of Ka Andrea and other Palawan fighters

The revolutionary forces feel a profound sense of loss with the death of Andrea Rosal, young revolutionary, and four other Red fighters and Party cadres in Palawan. At the same time, we are inspired by their example of revolutionary courage and determination. We salute them for their accomplishments in strengthening the people’s army and the organs of political power which now continue to thrive in Palawan.

We extend our deepest sympathies to the family of Andrea, especially her sister. Indeed, their father, Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal and mother Ka Soly, reared them well in the revolutionary mould, inculcating in them the value of selfless service for the downtrodden masses. Surely, had they been alive today, they would’ve been deeply proud of her.

Being the daughter of Ka Roger, we know that Ka Andrea was constantly hounded by the fascist state forces. Before she was even five years old, she was kidnapped by military officers from her grandmother in a vain effort to force her father to surrender. All their young lives, she and her sister were put under state surveillance.

From May 2014 to September 2015, she was unjustly imprisoned for trumped up charges, during which she was made to suffer harsh jail conditions. She was denied proper medical due to her conditions as a pregnant mother and was not allowed to get hospital care up to the day that she was about to give birth. As a consequence, her two-day old child, Diona, died due to complications.

Ka Andrea, as did her revolutionary parents, joined the cause of national and social liberation, driven by the strong desire to serve the oppressed masses. She decided to join the people’s army a few years back. She was deployed to Palawan where she was warmly welcomed by the peasant masses, minority people and their revolutionary forces. People will always remember Ka Andrea for her humble but firm disposition.

Upholding the interest of the peasants and minorities, Ka Andrea and the revolutionary forces in Palawan have been helping in the resistance against the aggression of mining and oil palm plantations and big tourism companies which have invaded the masses’ ancestral and agricultural lands and destroyed the environment. Because of this, they earned the revolutionary trust and support of the masses.

Ka Andrea and other fighters were killed in Brooke’s Point town, Palawan in what the military claims to be an armed encounter last week. We are still awaiting details of the incident. For killing Ka Andrea and other revolutionaries, the fascist AFP forces are now despised more than ever by the people of Palawan and the rest of the Filipino people.

For dying while serving the oppressed masses, Ka Andrea and the Palawan 5, will forever be remembered as heroes of the Filipino people.

The revolutionary movement grieves the loss of Ka Andrea and other Palawan fighters