With utmost determination and strength, overcome all difficulties and advance the armed struggle in the region!

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In proud salutation, the CPP, NPA and NDF in Panay greet the New People’s Army on your 54th founding anniversary!

We also proudly commend all revolutionary martyrs especially our Red commanders and fighters who bravely faced the enemy in battle in pursuit of the revolutionary armed struggle. In particular, we salute our revolutionary martyrs in Panay, Ka Benroy, Ka Jamir and Ka Sky who died this year in combat.

For more than five decades now the reactionary state has repeatedly vowed to crush the revolutionary armed struggle with each succeeding administration launching fiercer and more brutal attacks against the masses especially in the countryside. Unlike the rambling Duterte, Marcos II without much ado and drumbeating has ordered his generals to continue and sustain state terrorism especially against the revolutionary movement. The 3rd ID has boasted that all the guerrilla fronts in Panay have been gravely weakened yet it has launched not less than three intensified FMO (focused military operations) in each guerrilla front since March 2022 to the present. In their frustration to wipe out our NPA units and deny us territory and mass base, it is the peasant masses who are made to pay by the fascist troops thru their brutality and countless atrocities. Impunity reigns as the AFP and PNP are never made to answer and be punished for their murders and other crimes against the people. The whole-of-nation approach of the regime is just a slick scheme for Marcos and his generals to siphon millions of NTF-ELCAC funds into their pockets while measly portions go to the Barrio Development Program.

Amidst sustained military operations by forces far superior in number and capacity under the 301st brigade and PNP Region-6, our NPA units were able to preserve their forces, gain more areas for maneuver and widen their mass support thru painstaking political work and striking deep roots among the masses.

In spite of their heightened coercion and deception, the enemy has failed to turn the masses including our allies against the revolutionary movement. With their indispensable support, the Red fighters were able to launch tactical offensives and take defensive actions that inflicted scores of casualties on the enemy.

The NPA continues to win the hearts and minds of the people and has maintained its prestige as the true army of the people because it genuinely serves the people. This is in sharp contrast to the AFP-PNP who are feared and loathed by the masses. The fascist and mercenary character of these state forces is strikingly revealed in their blind obeisance to the militaristic and anti-people policies and programs of all puppet regimes and being rabid defenders and protectors of local big capitalists, landlords, warlords and druglords.

Just recently the corrupt and mercenary character of the AFP-PNP has been markedly exposed by highlighted cases of their involvement as hired killers in assassinations and massacres, as ninja cops and drug protectors, and as main players in kidnappings and extortions. Pampering the reactionary armed forces with higher salaries and benefits in order to effect blind loyalty to their commander-in-chief has only worsened their anti-people abuses, syndicated crimes and hooliganisms.

Marcos II is nearing one-year as puppet president and has shown himself to be inutile as president and more so as Secretary of Agriculture. As the chief lapdog of US imperialism in the country he has servilely permitted the establishement of five more US EDCA sites in the country;and has allowed to host the biggest US-RP Balikatan exercises involving more than 16,000 troops. His cowardly posture towards Chinese imperialist incursions on our Philippine waters is demonstrated by limp diplomatic protests and not lifting a finger against Chinese navy threats and prohibitions against our Filipino fishermen.

Marcos is callous to the declining and degenerating state of our agricultural production. As president and secretary of agriculture his ready-made solution to the angst and consternation of our peasant farmers and other agricultural producers is more importation of our prime food products and importation of so-called high-tech agricultural equipments and infrastructure. The popular demand to stop importation and instead to subsidize and promote local production has blatantly been ignored and rejected in favor of big foreign agribusiness corporations and local profiteers close to the president’s family.

The armed revolution led by the CPP and primarily launched by the NPA still stands as the most valid and most relevant solution to the heightening and worsening economic and political crisis in our country. NPA-Panay vows with full determination to accomplish the tasks set by the Party Central Committee for the NPA.

We must initiate more annihilative and attritive actions to strengthen our units and raise our fighting capacity. We must take in more young people coming from the peasants, workers, students and out-of-school to build more fighting units. More NPA areas must be consolidated, expanded and extended to enhance our initiative, flexibility and mobility. We must deepen our mass base; be more creative in arousing, organizing and mobilizing the masses in campaigns to lower interest rates, raise farm wages and farm-gate prices of their products, increase their production, improve health and sanitation, propagate revolutionary culture and education and other issues of interest to the masses.

NPA-Panay must help build the broadest united front against the anti-people and fascist policies of the US-Marcos regime by encouraging all sectors, groups, allies and individuals to take action in whatever form. Our political work should extend even to members of the AFP and PNP especially among their rank and file.

NPA-Panay vows to contribute to the Party’s call to frustrate the US-Marcos regime’s counterrevolutionay war and state terrorism and advance the national democratic revolution!

With utmost determination and strength, overcome all difficulties and advance the armed struggle in the region!