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Reasons behind rifts and contradictions within the AFP and PNP
January 08, 2023 | Communist Party of the Philippines | Marco Valbuena | Chief Information Officer |

Internal conflicts among the corrupt officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) have broken out in open contest and threats of coups and destabilization. These come less than a year since the assumption to power of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. These “squabbles” reflect the deep-seated contradictions among allied political dynasties […]

Denounce Australia intervention in counterinsurgency
December 16, 2022 | Communist Party of the Philippines | Marco Valbuena | Chief Information Officer |

The Filipino people must expose, denounce and demand a stop to Australian military intervention. According to reports, the military forces of Australia, provided trainings to a special forces battalion of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in “air to ground operations”, in other words, aerial bombing. Being a subordinate of the US, Australia’s intervention […]

The cracks are showing in the AFP’s “fragile peace” in Southern Mindanao
November 15, 2022 | National Democratic Front of the Philippines | NDF-Southern Mindanao | Rubi del Mundo | Spokesperson |

To the masses of Southern Mindanao, the recent announcement by the AFP’s 10th Infantry Division of of keeping its forces, including detachments, paramilitaries and retooled community support program (RCSP) units, proves how hollow its barely month-old “insurgency-free” declaration truly is. In describing what they managed to achieve as “fragile peace,” the fascist hawks are themselves […]

“Pagpapasurender” ng NTF-Elcac sa mga bata, binatikos
November 02, 2022

Lubhang ikinaalarma ng Children’s Rehabilitation Center ang paggamit ng NTF-Elcac sa mga kabataan at mga bata sa kampanya kontra-insurhensya nito. Napabalita na naglunsad ng aktibidad ang lokal na gubyerno ng Caloocan City, pulis at ibang ahensya ng gubyerno sa New Caloocan Hall noong Setyembre 21. Sa aktibidad na ito, ipinarada ang 150 bata at kabataan […]