No holiday ceasefire

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The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines announced on December 19 that it would not declare a ceasefire during the holidays. “There is absolutely no reason to declare a ceasefire,” the Party said.

Military operations and attacks by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) continue in many communities in the countryside. Several villages are placed under military control (hamlet). Military abuses and violations of basic rights such as restricting people to work in their fields, illegal search of houses, illegal arrests, torture, bombing and strafing, shelling of farm fields and nearby forests, forced surrenders and many others.

Desperate to “crush” the revolutionary movement, the Marcos regime and its armed forces have relentlessly violated human rights and international humanitarian law. Not less than 45 were victims of political killings by the military and police since Marcos Jr took power. A total of 47,000 victims of human rights violations have been recorded,

In principle, the Party authorized the New People’s Army (NPA) to mount tactical offensives for the next days. “It is the duty of the NPA to come to the people’s armed defense, even during these holidays, and even as we mourn the recent passing away of our beloved comrade Jose Maria Sison,” the Central Committee declared.

It directed the people’s army through its National Operational Command and Regional and Subregional Operational Commands to actively fight and frustrate the AFP’s campaign of armed suppression.

Units of the NPA can concentrate a superior force against the isolated, weak, and tired units of the military and police and punish them for their increasing crimes against the people.


No holiday ceasefire