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#Save­Si­bu­yan. Residents of Sibuyan Island in Romblon temporarily halted the illegal and destructive operations of the Altai Philippine Mining Corporation on February 4 after a nearly 2-week people’s barricade. The people triumphed even though their barricade was dispersed on February 3.

Peasant camp in Bacolod. Negros peasants held a 2-day camp out protest in front of the regional Department of Agriculture in Bacolod City on January 30-31 to demand the resolution of cases of land disputes in the island. During the camp out, peasants held a dialogue with DAR officials.

Mendiola Massacre commemoration. Peasant and other democratic groups marched to Mendiola in Manila on January 22 to commemorate the 36th year of injustice to the victims of the Mendiola massacre and the absence of genuine land reform.

Junk EDCA, MDT. Groups allied with Bayan protested on February 2 in Quezon City to denounce the visit of US Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin to the Philippines which aimed to accelerate the construction and increase the number of US military bases in the country.