NPA mounts five consecutive armed actions

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The New People’s Army (NPA) mounted five consecutive armed actions in Panay and Kalinga provinces from May 2 to May 8. These form part of the all-out effort of NPA units to vigorously fight and deter the all-out-war of the reactionary government against the masses and the revolutionary movement.

A harassment operation was first staged by the NPA-Southern Panay (Napoleon Tumagtang Command) on May 2 at 10 in the evening in Barangay Luyang, Sibalom, Antique, where they attacked AFP troops stationed in the CAA detachment.

On May 3, the NPA-Kalinga (Lejo Cawilan Command) ambushed an operating unit of the 50th IB in Sitio Agod, Barangay Poswoy, Balbalan, Kalinga. Two enemy troopers were killed. A Red fighter, Baliwag “Ka Bombo” Buccol, was martyred in the said operation.

On May 5, the NPA mounted punitive actions against the Atrila Builders Inc in Barangay Cabungaan, Leon, Iloilo, just two hours away from a CAA detachment in Barangay Maliao. Four pieces of equipment were paralyzed including a backhoe, a grader, a truck and a roller which costs P900,000 in all. The company is notorious for abusing workers by not paying them enough and being subjected to inhumane working conditions.

On May 6, Red fighters blasted troops of the Philippine Army who responded to the incident and planned to retaliate against the NPA. Using command-detonated explosives (CDX), the NPA ambushed one of the three vans transporting soldiers. The vehicle turned on its side towards a cliff. As a result, the military troops withdrew and cancelled their planned operations in the area.

In the morning of May 8, a unit of the NPA fired at a paramilitary detachment in Barangay Igcococ, Sibalom, Antique.

NPA mounts five consecutive armed actions