Revolutionary forces commemorate Ibrahim Kaypakkaya's 50 death anniversary

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Revolutionary forces in different parts of the world commemorated the 50th death anniversary of Communist Party of Turkey founder Ibrahim Kaypakkaya on May 20. Like many revolutionaries in the Philippines, Kaypakkaya was inspired by the upsurge of the socialist revolution in China led by Chairman Mao.

Activities commemorating his martyrdom were held in major cities of Turkey like Istanbul, Izmir, Çanakkale and Ankara. Organizations mounted marches, streamer hanging, mass meetings and discussions. Similar activities were held in Rojava, regional center of the Kurdistan people’s struggle for national liberation. Marches were also launched by organizations in Europe such as Germany, Austria, London and Paris.

In his youth, Kaypakkaya founded the Party in Turkey. He ardently studied Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and applied the universal principles to the particular conditions of their country. He led the anti-imperialist and socialist propaganda and education among the people of Turkey. He led the formation of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Liberation Army or the TIKKO to carry out the revolutionary armed struggle.

Fifty years ago today, the fascist reactionaries captured, tortured and snuffed the life out of Kaypakkaya in the vain attempt to quell the rising cause of the workers and other oppressed classes in Turkey. Instead, Kaypakkaya’s revolutionary beginnings continue to spread and give inspiration to the people of Turkey and elsewhere in the world.

The Communist Party of the Philippines, New People’s Army and all revolutionary forces in the Philippines expressed solidarity to the revolutionary forces of Turkey on the occasion of the remembrance of the martyrdom of its founding leader.

According to the CPP, as billions of workers, peasants and oppressed people suffer in both capitalist and semicolonial and semifeudal countries, and face the threat of imperialist war and ruin worldwide, Kaypakkaya’s immortal memory will continue to serve as inspiration to workers, peasants and other oppressed peoples to wage revolutionary struggle for national and social liberation and socialism.

Revolutionary forces commemorate Ibrahim Kaypakkaya's 50 death anniversary