Sham sustainable internal peace and security


The Philippine Army’s 3rd Infantry Division is hellbent in calling its campaign of military suppression against the people of Negros Island as a state of ‘stable internal peace and security.’ Negrosanons utterly denounce this sham declaration.

What fascist reactionary state forces call ‘internal peace’ is the coercion of peasants to surrender as New People’s Army (NPA) members and supporters, the hamletting of communities through the Retooled Community Support Program (RCSP) and the assault on civilians through focused military operations resulting to numerous human rights violations on the island in order to sow fear and suppress social unrest brought about by imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism.

Their boasting of government-implemented projects are once again, exaggerated. The Barangay Development Program (BDP) has been utilized by the National Task Force (NTF)-Elcac along with its duplicitous E-CLIP surrender program to force communities to pose as fake NPA surrenderees in exchange for measly government aid or unsustainable livelihoods. It is even ridiculous that poor communities need to be “NPA-infested” first before they are given token government projects. The BDP and E-CLIP are also immense sources of corruption of generals and local executives.

What mercenary reactionary state forces call ‘security’ is driving away farmers, farm workers and indigenous peoples from the countryside, the fisherfolk from the shoreline, and the urban poor from the cities by using sheer might or political maneuvers by bureaucrat capitalists to give way to foreign and local ruling class interests such as mining, ecotourism, commercial plantations, quarries, real estate, reclamation projects and mega dam projects. Their protection of exploiters and oppressors should not be called SIPS but “sipsip” or suck up to their masters for their own gain.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Philippines National Police (PNP) and NTF-Elcac are actually sugarcoating their difficulty in defeating the armed revolution while also chasing the deadline given to them by the US, their imperialist master, for shifting of focus to war-preparations against China on our shores.

All five guerrilla fronts of the Apolinario Gatmaitan Command-NPA Negros Island Regional Operations Command (AGC-NPA), under the absolute leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), are working with renewed vigor to launch armed struggle, implement agrarian revolution and building the mass base and organs of political power. Revolutionary mass organizations continue, as well, to arouse, organize and mobilize peasants, women, youth, and other marginalized sectors in the countryside through anti-imperialist, anti-feudal and anti-fascist campaigns. A thousand threads bind the NPA and the masses, and the invincible link that ties them together still clandestinely expands and consolidates even with the presence of the fascist AFP.

Reactionary state forces cannot dismantle the collective consciousness of the exploited and oppressed masses to overthrow a rotten semi-colonial and semi-feudal system, and the reasons to fight proliferate every single day.###

Sham sustainable internal peace and security