₱38 wage increase in Region XI, far inadequate

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“It is not enough to provide for the needs of our families,” this is the verdict of Davao region workers over the recently issued order of the Regional Tripartite Wage Board (RTWPB)-XI on February 20 for wage increases. The agency awarded a meager ₱38/day increase over the previous ₱443/day minimum wage.

The region was one of the last to raise wages. Almost every other region increased likewise meager wages last year.

“In the face of the continuous increase in the price of oil, food and other basic necessities, water and electricity [bills], ₱38 is worthless to the average worker,” said Kilusang Mayo Uno-Southern Mindanao Region (KMU-SMR). The new minimum of ₱481/day is a far cry from the ₱1,163/day regional living wage estimated in January.

The group’s call, along with other labor organizations and the community, is for a significant increase in wages and the implementation of a ₱1,100 daily living wage nationwide.

AB: ₱38 wage increase in Region XI, far inadequate