Aklan oil spill impacts thousands of fisherfolk

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About 5,000 fisherfolk and their families suffered damages in the oil spill of a barge docked at the Metallica Shipyard in Barangay Polo, New Washington, Aklan on May 26.

The crude oil container of the barge that was being repaired at the port was damaged. The oil quickly spread from Barangay Polo to the sites of Malogo, Kamingawan, Lagatik in Barangay Poblacion and Sityo Kamangahan in Barangay Tambak. It damaged the Batan Estuary, known as a rich fishing and shellfish grounds. The oil spill occurred during the height of Typhoon Aghon.

Amid the disaster, Pamalakaya-Panay called on the local government to provide adequate compensation to the affected fisherfolk and take measures to prevent further damage to the people’s livelihood and the waters in New Washington.

Latest reports said fishing is still temporarily prohibited in the seas near the Metallica Shipyard while the fishing ban in the Lagatik River has been lifted.

AB: Aklan oil spill impacts thousands of fisherfolk