Davao City women and youth launch “Way Chacha”

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Women and youth in Davao City together launched last February 8 “Way Chacha” (No Chacha) to push for the termination of the charter change scheme.

“We make this stand as part of our continuing history of pushing for genuine empowerment of the people in the democratic process in Davao,” according to the group’s statement.

It denounced the signing scheme in the name of the “people’s initiative” in exchange for bribes, and aid from state agencies. It is “without meaningful people’s participation and is instead fraudulent and abusive of the public’s trust, especially those who are economically vulnerable,” it says.

“The women and the youth of Davao City will not allow this deceitful, illegal, and immoral act to continue,” the group added. Instead of chacha, the issues of women and youth should be addressed, such as poverty, inflation and lack of employment and education opportunities.

Among those who signed the unified statement were the representatives of the Gabriela Women’s Party, PILIPINA and other non-governmental organizations.

AB: Davao City women and youth launch "Way Chacha"