Manila pier workers hold picket at NLRC

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The Unyon ng Manggagawa sa Harbour Centre picketed on June 18 before the office of the National Labor Relations Commission in Quezon City in conjunction with the reopening of their case related to the illegal layoffs at Harbor Center Port Terminal, Inc. (HCPTI) in 2020. More than 370 retrenched workers are still to be reinstated, despite a Supreme Court order in September 2021.

HCPTI, owned by the Romeros, fired workers in 2020 on the grounds that the company’s contract with labor agency Grasials Corporation had expired. Since then, workers have fought for their rights and demanded their reinstatement.

They filed their case to the Department of Labor and Employment up to the Supreme Court. In addition to reinstatement, the union also demand for back pay or wages from the time they were fired.

In November 2022, the fired workers setup a camp in Road 10, Manila City to fight for their right to be reinstated. The camp was violently dismantled by goons and HCPTI personnel.

AB: Manila pier workers hold picket at NLRC