Transport strike's first day declared a victory

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Piston and Manibela groups declared the first day of the transportation strike yesterday, April 15, a success. According to PISTON, up to 400 jeepneys participated in the protest from the University of the Philippines to the LTFRB office to demand withdrawing the enforced franchise consolidation on April 30. They called for the agency to resume granting drivers and operators their 5-year individual franchises.

According to the group’s estimate, about 80% of major routes in Metro Manila were weakened, and some parts of Cavite and Laguna were paralyzed. Routes was also paralyzed in Iloilo City, Bacolod City and Cebu.

The groups derided the MMDA’s statement that the strike had “no effect.” They questioned the deployment of 6,000 police against them in Quezon City. Police were also deployed in Cavite and Laguna against strikers.

“If the strike was ineffective, why are there so many police? Why do they harass the strikers? Why are there many stranded commuters?” Piston retorted to MMDA. Prior to the strike, the Department of Education and universities had already suspended classes for April 15 and 16 knowing that many will definitely have difficulty with transportation.

Police tried to block the strikers on their way to LTFRB. Due to their insistence, the drivers and operators were able to reach the LTFRB office and spent the night there.

This morning, April 16, the drivers and their supporters drove to the Welcome Rotonda.

Hundreds of students and other commuters joined the strike. The just fight continues to garner support. This 2-day strike is part of a series of activities that Piston and Manibela vowed to carry out until the end of the month.

AB: Transport strike's first day declared a victory