Workers launch Red Friday Protest for wages

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Workers launched yesterday, April 12, the first Red Friday Protest at the Clock Tower, Marikina City, for higher wages and against the pro-capitalist and pro-foreigner PUVMP. They condemned Ferdinand Marcos Jr. who they say constantly prates about cha-cha (charter change) but keeps silent on the issue of wages. They stressed that the wage increases awarded by the regional wage boards last year were too little, and too late.

“The wage boards implemented the wage hike too late, and there is no progress on the wage increase proposals in the House,” according to Jerome Adonis, general secretary of Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU). The bill for chacha even got passed ahead of this in March. Deliberation for cha-cha is also set to open in the senate in May. Workers clearly know that the Marcos government has no intention of passing a law for increased wages.

The group also questioned the US-Japan-Philippines Trilateral Summit’s promise of more jobs for Filipinos. The group says foreign investment is mainly poured into special economic zones, where inhumane working conditions, violation of workers’ rights and stagnant wages are widespread.

“The jobs that Marcos’ collusion with the US will produce are precarious jobs: insecure and with low wages,” according to Adonis.

KMU calls on fellow workers to stand up and make noise, participate in protests and consultations to demand higher wages.

AB: Workers launch Red Friday Protest for wages