Youths denounce intrusion and deception by the 59th IB in Batangas universities and colleges

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The Kabataang Makabayan (KM)-Batangas condemned the series of intrusion and deception by the 59th IB in various universities and colleges in Batangas in recent weeks. The group said such activities are desperate moves of the 59th IB to prevent the youth from becoming aware of the truth about state’s violence against the Filipino people and to “end” the revolutionary movement.

According to the group, the AFP’s 59th IB, police and the fascist National Task Force-Elcac required thousands of students in universities and colleges to attend “symposiums”. Among the schools are Batangas State University, Technological University of the Philippines-Batangas, Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Sto. Tomas, Cuenca Institute, and Cuenca Senior High School.

The 59th IB has spread poison in relation to their killing of 9-year-old Kyllene Casao in Taysan, Batangas to absolve themselves and blame the heinous crime on the New People’s Army (NPA)-Batangas. It also justifies the killing of Maximino Digno, a mentally-disabled elderly farmer, in the town of Calaca claiming he was “killed in an encounter.”

“Although it has been repeatedly refuted and condemned by the victims’ respective relatives, friends and village mates, the military butchers still promote these lies,” according to KM-Batangas.

The 59th IB is also foaming at the mouth with their repeated red-tagging and “terrorist” labeling of legal mass organizations that promote the right to education, free association and press, and other basic democratic rights of the youth.

Despite the attempt to intimidate the ranks of the youth and force them to submit to military rule in the province, the group says “the spirit and commitment of the revolutionary youth” remains firm in the correctness of the revolution as the only solution to the worsening social crisis caused by imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucratic capitalism.

KM-Batangas is strengthening its support to the people’s army, from both rural and urban-based forces. “The revolutionary youth also actively participates in political, production, military, and other activities,” according to the group.

The young people’s wholehearted support for the people’s war continues by providing material and financial support, integration, immersion and enlistment in the Army, up to carrying out slogan-painting and postering operations and revolutionary discussions to raise the political consciousness of the youth.

“KM-Batangas challenges the youth and students in the province to sharpen their critical thinking, thoroughly study the 55-year-old civil war in the Philippines, and relentlessly grasp the roots of armed conflict in the country,” said the group.

It is important for the youth to continuously be enthusiastic in asserting their democratic calls, and expressing indignation and hatred for the rotten practices of the AFP-PNP and expose it to the general public in every way. “Thus, we frustrate every attempt by the reactionary state and the military to stunt the intellect of our youth, lock us within the four corners of the school and isolate us from the people’s struggle in the society we belong to,” it concluded.

AB: Youths denounce intrusion and deception by the 59th IB in Batangas universities and colleges