Arrest Trillanes order show Duterte’s despotism

Duterte bared his Marcosian despotic fangs in ordering the arrest of his vociferous critic Sen. Antonio Trillanes. He abused his power and trampled on the legal processes of his own government. His assault against Trillanes satisfies his desire for vengeance. As well as that of Gloria Arroyo’s. By ordering the AFP to carry out his order, he has virtually transformed the AFP as his own private army. In doing so, however, he has fomented further dissent and divisions among key military and police officials.

His latest command follows the most reprehensible orders on the police to wage a murderous “drug war” campaign against the poor and rival drug syndicates, and on the AFP to drop bombs and rockets against peasant communities and their schools and carry out a total war against the people under Oplan Kapayapaan.

Duterte’s order to imprison Trillanes has further emboldened his rival politicians to oppose his tyranny and has further isolated himself from the Filipino people. He has strengthened the determination of broad democratic forces to oust Duterte and his allies in fascism, puppetry and corruption.

Arrest Trillanes order show Duterte's despotism