Coconut farmers will benefit from peace talks

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The revolutionary forces in Quezon is supporting the signed Oslo Joint Statement by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and Government of the Republic of the Philippines last November 23.

The communique is a positive step towards the possibility of the reopening of peace negotiations that was stalled in 2017 when Duterte and his cohorts blatantly sabotaged the talks.

The negotiation to finalize the next agenda which is the Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-Economic Reforms (CASER) will favourably impact the Filipino people, including the coconut farmers from Quezon.

The Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) estimated that around 200,000 families in Quezon are dependent on coconut farming. They contribute 10% to the country’s total coconut production. Ironically, they are considered to be the poorest among the rural poor in the country.

As the people of Quezon warmly welcome the positive steps towards the resumption of peace talks, Gov. Helen Tan should follow their lead by studying past agreements and current proposals. This will hopefully aid her well in understanding the root cause of the civil war instead of falling prey on the militarist solutions of the fascist Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Gov. Tan should also abandon the so called localized peace talks which in essence is the Retooled Community Support Program Operations of the AFP aimed to silence the people from asserting their legitimate and democratic interests.

We support the call on delisting the CPP-NPA-NDFP from terrorist tag declared by Anti-Terrorism Act which is now hindering the possibility of continuing peace talks.

We support the call for the unconditional release of the detained 12 NDFP consultants for them to participate in the negotiations. They are part of the 800 political detainees in the country where nine (9) of them came from Quezon province.

Lastly, with or without peace negotiations, it is crystal clear to the People’s army that capitulation nor surrender is non-negotiable. The revolutionary movement especially the NPA shall continue waging armed resistance through people’s protracted war.

Taking up of arms by the people will only be resolved once the fundamental problem of landlessness of the peasantry who primarily wage civil war is addressed. This guarantees the realization of genuine and lasting peace that is based on justice.#

Coconut farmers will benefit from peace talks