Duterte and the AFP-PNPs facade are being torn apart by their own lies


On his recent report, Duterte mentioned that the revolutionary movement is “the number one threat” this country faces. Despite the urgency needed amid the Covid-19 pandemic, he has the gall of mentioning such, when in fact, he and his minions are the number one threat to the Filipino people. Duterte has unwittingly admitted that he is afraid of the people, in the opening of the joint statement by NPA and NDF in Negros.

Ka Juanito Magbanua, the New People’s Army – Apolinario Gatmaitan Command spokesperson in a statement Wednesday said: “Duterte and the AFP-PNP have run out of excuses that they recycle the same one. So far, and even more so in the already way overextended lockdown, he has proven that it is him and his mercenary troops who are the terrorists. The state has since stepped up illegal arrests, enforced disappearances and extrajucidicial killings, all the while ignoring hunger, poverty, and unemployment that has ballooned in the crisis. If they keep this up, of course it is expected that the revolutionary movement will gain more ground and the people have no more choice but to resist.”

“In Negros Island, the AFP are also filled with lies. They falsely claim that their own local intelligence asset, Joelito ‘Jimfley’ Hilacio punished by the NPA was an ex-NPA and that there is an ongoing purge in the movement. In fact, it is them who are committing such atrocious crimes all over the country, like what happened recently in the arrest of Davao in Negros, disappearance of Tejamo in Cebu, and the shooting of Calot and killings of Tobino and Miraya in Samar, Languade and Pepito in Masbate and Tablazon and Bunda in Iloilo. They are the ones purging innocent civilians who are fed up with their fascism and lies, and who have all the reason to tread the path of armed revolution.”, added Magbanua.

National Democratic Front-Negros spokesperson, Ka Bayani Obrero also weighed in. “While Duterte has all the current means to terrorize the masses further, it will fruitlessly retaliate towards him. He has since built up a broader united front of all the democratic sectors prepared to remove him from power.”

“With Duterte burying the country in debt to feed his allies and cronies and depriving the majority of the people with their needs, his regime will only be met with staunch resistance.”, Obrero stated. “Their commander-in-chief Duterte can no longer sugarcoat the crisis. Since they cannot hide their anti-people schemes further, they are silencing their critics through massive human rights violations in Negros and the entire country.”, Obrero stated.

“The country is still very much under attack by the Covid-19 pandemic. But that seems to be the least of our problems in the viewpoint of the state. The debts piling up for military overspending, workforce displacement and unemployment, hunger, and poverty with Duterte’s war-freak mindset will only enrage the people further.”, ended Obrero in the joint statement. ###

Duterte and the AFP-PNPs facade are being torn apart by their own lies