Duterte is strengthening case for his impeachment

By declaring he had a “verbal agreement” with Chinese President Xi Jinping to allow the Chinese to trawl within the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of the country, President Duterte is inadvertently strengthening the case for his impeachment before the Philippine congress.

Again, Duterte has exhibited abuse of power and prerogative. He entered into an international agreement, especially one involving Philippine sovereign rights, without the consent of the Senate. Malacañang insists the agreement is valid despite it being a mere “gentleman’s agreement.”

There is strong basis to argue that this agreement is a culpable violation of the 1987 constitution because Duterte is now citing it as reason for his inability to prohibit China from exploiting Philippine marine resources and his failure to carry out the mandate of the 1987 constitution to protect Philippine resources within its EEZ.

Duterte is outrightly kowtowing to China. He has also admitted to have given up plans for the country to explore oil resources in the country’s EEZ after China warned of “trouble” if he does so. His display of spinelessness is a national dishonor. He has also shown utter slavishness to the US whose military forces continue to use the country as a base for its power projection and hegemonic operations.

The Filipino people have all the right to demand that Duterte be impeached in the House of Representatives and tried before the Senate. Indeed, the powers that Duterte claims stem from the 1987 constitution, the legal basis of the ruling class government. By contemptuously surrendering it as a mere “toilet paper” to the Chinese empire, Duterte himself has taken away any legal right to remain in power.

The patriotic and democratic forces in the House have already taken action and are preparing to file a case for Duterte’s impeachment. The Filipino people who have had enough of Duterte’s tyranny welcome this plan.

It is fitting that as the reactionary congress opens on July 22, the Filipino people drumbeat and demand support for Duterte’s impeachment and shame all his minions who do not have the courage to stand up before him.

Of course, Duterte’s impeachment before congress is highly unlikely considering that it is under his supermajority control. Still, in the end, Duterte’s numbers in congress will be no match to the numbers which the Filipino people can muster in the streets, where their voices can resound: Patalsikin si Duterte!

Duterte is strengthening case for his impeachment