Fake and forced mass surrenders, AFP’s/PNP’s dirty scheme for unli-corruption

The fascist dogs of Duterte who are members of the mercenary AFP and PNP are in a rush to boast the supposed victory of their counter-insurgency efforts in the island of Negros. They concoct countless and repetitive lies to cover up their failure in their counter-insurgency campaign, fake encounters between the AFP and PNP, fake and forced surrenders on alleged NPA members and supporters of the revolutionary movement.

The members of the mercenary AFP are once again daydreaming in their dirty scheme of claiming that the 63 farmers in Brgy. Sta. Rosa, Murcia and members of farmers’ association from Brgy. Pilar, Hinigaran, were forced to surrender and showcased as “supporters of the revolutionary movement” returning to the folds of the reactionary government. They were also used to declare the CPP-NPA-NDFP as persona non grata in the locality. They wish to exhibit that the revolutionary movement is loosing ground because it is not supported by the people.

This monotonous black propaganda against the revolutionary movement is the handiwork of the top rank officials of the AFP and PNP to show that they are winning in their counter-insurgency campaign in the island of Negros while chasing for promotion. Through this, they are also able to pocket large sums of money that is why they continue to parade ordinary farmers as surrenderees.

If we were to add up the money pocketed from every surrenderee wherein they should receive P50,000 from the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) as livelihood assistance and P15,000 from the Local Government Unit (LGU) as immediate assistance, in Murcia alone with their alleged 63 surrenderee, the amount would total P3,150,000 from OPAPP and P945,000 from the LGU. But in reality, the farmers only received 5 kilos of rice.

This is an old and worn-out modus operandi of the top-rank officials of the AFP/PNP and LGU to deceive the people in order to plunder the people’s money. There have been cases wherein those paraded as surrenderees were not able to receive any amount because they were pocketed by the corrupt and greedy official of the APF/PNP.

This is the reason why the counter-insurgency program of the reactionary state is doomed to fail as proven by the past counter-insurgency programs of the former regimes to Duterte. Especially because this does not address the root cause of poverty embedded in a semi-colonial and semi-feudal system.

Human rights are continuously trampled on in the form of extra-judicial killings, illegal arrest, planting of evidence and filing of trumped-up cases, torture, strafing, bombing of communities, indiscriminate firing, forcible entry in their homes and forcible taking of their things and animals and other forms of harassment. They are sowing terror through the AFP/PNP to instill fear among the people and discourage support the revolutionary movement.

The plan of the tyrannical regime to “drain the pond to get all the fish” is doomed to fail because they are the ones causing the flood. It is Duterte himself who is pushing the people to directly or indirectly support the revolutionary movement led by the Communist Party of the Philippines.

To the patriotic and freedom loving rank-and-file members of the AFP/PNP who are tired of the rottenness and corruption within their ranks, perform your mandate of serving the people genuinely and oppose anti-people commands given to you by your officials. You are only used as pawns and cannon fodders for their personal interests. NPA units are open to welcome you if your objective is to truly serve the broad masses of the people.

On the other hand, the NPA as the true army of the people, is in a position and active in strengthening the 5 guerilla fronts in the island to intensify its tactical offensives while performing the three integral tasks in order to advance the sub stage of the protracted people’s war. We continue to campaign for increased food production as response to the Covid19 crisis while still taking punitive actions against despotic landlords and fascist elements to heed the call for justice for the victims and defeat state terrorism.

The objective conditions makes the ground fertile for the advancement and consolidation of the revolutionary movement. The economic crisis is pushing more Filipinos to tread the right path of revolution, advance the level of people’s war until we seize political power in the national level. We are waging a just war because we serve the interest of the broad masses, and in turn the broad masses cherishes their true army and joins and supports in waging revolution. ###

Long live the oppressed masses!

Advance the armed revolution until victory!

Fake and forced mass surrenders, AFP’s/PNP’s dirty scheme for unli-corruption