Fake encounters in Bikol, proof of 9th IDPA and PNP Reg. V’s failure in their counterrevolutionary campaign

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Despite their yearly pronouncements that they would crush the revolutionary movement, the murderous military and police can still do nothing but hide behind fake and made-up data. This year, 9th IDPA and PNP-V have been prattling about three fake encounters in Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur and Masbate. Most recent among these is the made-up encounter that purportedly occurred at the boundaries of Garchitorena and Lagonoy that the 9th IBPA boasted about this May. These only prove their persistent failure to defeat, or even just weaken, the revolutionary movement in Bikol.

Even worse, because they have not succeeded in engaging NPA units in the region in decisive and critical battles, the butcher military and police have been mastering terbroristic violence against the civilian population. In the fake encounter in Brgy. Canapawan, Labo, Camarines Norte last February, a minor Manide native was killed and paraded as a member of the NPA by 9th IDPA elements. The victim was Argie Salvador, 17 years old, a resident of Tanauan, Capalonga.

What the bloodthirsty military and police fail to comprehend is that their ceaseless abuse and fascist terrorism against the people only further fuel the revolutionary movement’s strength. Because of their utter disrespect of the people’s rights, more and more realize the state’s rottenness and instead choose the revolutionary path. They must remember that in the final tally, their made-up data and fake victories have no power over the exploited and oppressed’s desire to fight. As with all the other wars that have been fought throughout the world, it is the people who will decide what side will win and what will be buried in history.

The mercenary military and police must not aspire for any substantial gain in their counterrevolutionary campaign now and in the future, be it in Bikol or elsewhere in the country. No matter how dirty their tricks may be nor how destructive their arms are, the revolutionary movement has an unparalleled weapon – the wholehearted and eternal support and belief of the masses. This weapon forged by decades of class struggle that the revolutionary movement advances and that will be continuously fortified by the revolutionaries’ commitment to serving the interests of all the exploited and oppressed.

All units of the New People’s Army in Bikol pledge to continue fighting until justice for all victims of the reactionary state and the ruling few has been fully achieved. The Red Army will not stop in its journey until national democracy is attained for the Filipino nation.

Fake encounters in Bikol, proof of 9th IDPA and PNP Reg. V’s failure in their counterrevolutionary campaign