Follow Hannah Cesista’s revolutionary spirit!


Kabataang Makabayan-South Central Negros vehemently condemns the merciless killing of Domingo Compoc, Hannah Jay Cesista, Parlito Historia, Marlon Omosura, and Alberto Sancho or collectively known as Bilar 5. Contrary to the narrative fabricated by the 47th IB and PNP Bohol, the Bilar 5 was not killed in an encounter between the New People’s Army (NPA) and AFP and PNP forces in Sitio Matin-ao 2, Barangay Campagao, Bilar, Bohol last February 23, 2024.

The repressive state machinery was sunk in humiliation by repeatedly exposing itself as “fake news peddler.” With clear evidence, it was revealed that the Bilar 5 was captured by the 47th IB and its accomplice, PNP Bohol. Accordingly, the Bilar 5 should have been considered as prisoners of war (POW). To make things worse, instead of granting them the rights accorded in the Geneva Convention, they had experienced physical and psychological torture at the hands of the merciless enemy.

Tracing the history of the AFP’s deeds, this is not the first time that the institution resorted to massacre and other brutal forms of attempting to cripple the revolutionary movement and silencing the masses who speak and stand for the truth. This has been their modus operandi since time immemorial. In South Central Negros, similar bloody incidents have occurred such as killing of the Quillano couple, the Binalbagan 4 massacre, the salvaging of farmer Jose Gonzalez, the torture and murder of AGC-NPA spokesperson Ka Juanito Magbanua (Romeo Nanta), and the massacre of the Fausto family (including two minors).

In their desperation, the AFP as an institution has worsened its tainted integrity and maintained its reputation as “protector” and “lapdog” of the ruling class of big landlords, big comprador bourgeoise, and their imperialist master.

More so, the KM – South Central Negros raises its fist to pay the highest tribute to the Bilar 5. Among the martyrs is Hannah Jay “Ka Maya” Cesista, a lawyer who eventually embraced armed struggle as a means of forwarding the national democratic revolution with a socialist perspective. Due to her comprehensive grasp of the objective conditions of the country and empathy toward the exploited masses, Ka Maya, as a revolutionary youth, took a resolute step of leaving her comfortable life to fully immerse with the masses.

Hannah Cesista left a fiery path full of revolutionary spirit for the next generation of youth to follow. With this, we highly urge the Filipino youth to study the social ills of the country, take a critical stand on it, be organized, and eventually join the highest form of struggle. Join the NPA!

Follow Hannah Cesista's revolutionary spirit!