Marcos is daydreaming that he can defeat the NPA


Officials of the Marcos regime are daydreaming when they make declarations of attaining “strategic victory” and defeating the New People’s Army (NPA). These wishful declarations are not new. They have been issuing exactly the same statements for three decades now and have repeatedly been proven wrong by facts.

General Año’s pronouncement yesterday of “ending the local communist armed conflict” within the term of the Marcos government rings hollow, especially after an NPA unit carried out a successful against the much detested 85th IB in Tagkawayan, Quezon last Friday morning, in which Red fighters seized five high-powered rifles and inflicted a number of casualties against the AFP. The ambush blasts recent claims that Quezon is already “insurgency free.” Together with the recent tactical offensives of the NPA in Masbate and Negros, the AFP’s much-hyped PR line that the NPA has “only active guerrilla front” is clearly a figment of their imagination.

The Filipino people and their people’s army will continue to wage armed struggle as long as US imperialism, oppression, bureaucratic corruption and social injustice prevails. The broad masses of the Filipino people are continually being roused to take up arms by widespread landlessness, grossly low wages, economic dislocation, environmental destruction, and rampant dispossession of their sources of income and means of production.

Over the past few years, the fascist reactionaries have waged an all-out campaign of state terrorism with the desperate aim of shattering the bond between the NPA and the broad masses of the Filipino people. But the more Marcos employs terrorism against the people, the more that this bond is tempered and reinforced. Indeed, without the NPA, the Filipino people have nothing to defend themselves with and will be left to the mercy of multinational corporations, the IMF and World Bank, big bourgeois compradors, landlords, and bureaucrat capitalists.

The aim of achieving complete victory might not yet be within the immediate horizon of the NPA. But it is determined to frustrate the AFP’s current campaign of encirclement and suppression, fight the Marcos regime’s rule of all-out state terrorism, and carry forward the armed struggle to even greater heights.

Marcos is daydreaming that he can defeat the NPA